What it is:

The Bluemoz Platinum includes all the benefits, functions, features and configurations of the Bluemoz Hotspot plus the powerfulcutting edge Kinetic Technology. The Kinetic Technology feature allows end users with a non-touch gesture of their hand to turn pages of content, zoom in and out on product images, read essential information, and see videos with or without audio.

A Plug and Play Solution

For each company interested to capture the attention of the people, to create interaction with our customer with Bluemoz Platinum is the first important step: through a popular device based on Kinetic technology, born to give to users a controller free experience, without mouse, buttons or joysticks, Bluemoz has developed Platinum.
Now with Bluemoz Platinum each kind of monitor with HDMI port can be interactive only detecting hands and body gestures of the users. The interactive screens allow you to turn pages, zoom product images, read essential information, see videos with or without audio and everything you have created in your layout with your contents through our software CMS-VA.
Activates the CMS-VA service based on flash technology to manage the contents of your Platinum VS or, for expert users, upload the contents with FTP.
Ideal system for each company with shop window, fair events, exhibition of new products or training meeting.

The kit includes:

1 – MiniPC based on the powerful Intel Atom 330 and ION NVIDIA chipset, 2GB DDR2 RAM memory, 160GB hard drive storage and HDMI output for high definition. The device supports the standard FULL HD 1080p (1920×1080).
1 – MiniPC Power Supply 110/220V
1 – Motion controller with 3D scan sensor
1 – Lan cable
1 – Platinum VS Operating system (linux based) with motion and gesture control feature.
1 – Preinstalled demo customizable (Adobe Flash based technology) using the CMS VA or uploading locally the content by FTP
1 – PDF Manual for the system configuration including account informations for FTP access, needed for updating contents and web panel instructions for the management and overall system configuration.
3 – Months of CMS VA “Visual Application” license (optional remote service) that allow to edit the contents and the template layout of the frontend application on your PLATINUM VS quickly and easily without Adobe Flash skills).
Your changes and updates made online from the CMS VA will be automatically uploaded on your system PLATINUM VS.

IMPORTANT: The device requires a display/TV with HDMI input (minimum recommended display screen size: 32 inches) The Display/TV is not supplied inside the KIT.
To use the CMS VA service on the PLATINUM VS system you must be connected to the internet.

Bluemoz Platinum

Examples of use

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