The importance of being found among millions of digital contents on the web is a problem that also affects the application market for mobile devices.

In the midst of millions of APP on the various APP store , unless your name is Google or Facebook , it can be difficult to be discovered by the users. To overcome this problem, you’re starting to apply the principles of marketing to the app market , trying to optimize launch and support it with the various promotion techniques to reach the target .

Obviously , designing the launch strategy that best fits the type of APP developed is essential and not always you have the resources to invest, especially if it’s the APP for a small / medium business reality.

APP, Proximity Marketing and Wi-Fi hotspot with social authentication.

What have in common?

An effective way to engage passers-by, customers and potential customers, could be to provide free Wi-Fi with some technologies can simplify authentication and access to browsing with social networks. But if we include a step to make immediate access to some relevant information of our activity, such as our website , the offers of the day , our APP?

These technologies can walk together increasing the benefit for a business activity.

Bluemoz , for example, makes it possible: an effective communication and specification of all that the company wants to share with the client, from the offerings of the day, the photo gallery , news, an APP. The system Bluemoz Hotspot is seen as a container of targeted digital informations, which would be much more dispersive recover individually.

For example: if we develop an APP for a wine company which provide its product to bar and restaurants, how to increase the download.

Of this APP direct to customers and potential consumers (this means increase the SELL OUT of its products through the distribution):
you can do easily including a link in the splash page of our Bluemoz hotspot which redirects directly to your APP in the APP stores, and installing the hotspot in all the bar/restaurants that offer this wine.