New Cloud Service available which integrates Facebook with your Proximity Marketing Strategy

BidPremium launched a new Proximity Marketing Solution, the “Bluemoz Cloud” to its, already successful, line of Bluemoz hardware devices. The Bluemoz Cloud seamlessly brings together a platform to manage your Proximity Marketing and Facebook from a single source.

Bluemoz has been the leader of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Marketing in Europe, with a large operating network in Italy, and a base of resellers in 36 countries.  This has given them the insight to see the industry trend due to more powerful smartphones, and the increasing trend of Social Media.

“Users are now are more connected, and are using bandwidth intensive applications, which have increased the users experience and productivity.  Using Facebook as a benchmark, on a monthly basis, they have over 425 million users interacting from their mobile devices.  This number will only increase in the coming years,” says Alessandro Chiandotto, Chief Executive Officer for BidPremium.

“During our past experience, our company has been focused on helping businesses engage potential customers by using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Marketing, and encouraging the customer send a coupon or message to friends”, said Davide Cuttini, Research and Development Manager.  “With over 800 million Facebook users how could we still offer the same services to our clients, but tap into the viral services of Facebook?”

This new service includes either a Bluemoz Hotspot, or Bluemoz Platinum device, and comes equipped with a customized Splash Screen, which users are required to connect thru Facebook.  Once they have “LIKED” the Fan Page, they can browse the Internet freely.  The Splash Screen also provides a gallery where coupons, or other customized content can be loaded by the business.  This information is then broadcasted to Bluetooth enabled phones, and loaded to the Fan Page News Feed.

About  BidPremium. We provide an enterprise, web-based or hosted content delivery system that manages schedules and delivers digital content over wireless or wired networks, for customers in 36 countries. The Bluemoz Cloud is an Intelligent Proximity Marketing Solution using Visual Sensitive Digital Displays, Mobile Devices, Mobile Applications, and Social Networks to empower interaction between brands and consumers.