The potential of social media is now known to all, and the role of social networks for the communications of the companies is growing with greater clarity: a digital platform for sharing of its business scenarios. With different goals and strategies, more and more companies (with different economic sectors and business scales) decide to follow the principle of interactivity of Web 2.0 and to become “social”. And when we talk about social networks, the first choice is Facebook, virtual meeting place frequented by 1 billion users.

Rightly or wrongly, what most interests the owners of the Facebook pages is the number of fans, so much so that some people buy them. But what is the real value of a “fan” bought? Absolutely nothing, because often it’s only a fake account which never will interact with us.

It has much more value, however, to drive our customers, employees, suppliers to become fans: to discover new evolutions of their company, start a dialogue, listen to their feedback. But often it is not easy, especially at the beginning, to communicate the existence of the Facebook page to anyone who interacts with the company. At this hindrance must have thought Bidpremium srl when has developed the solution Bluemoz hotspot Evolution.
Bluemoz Hotspot is a wireless router that allows a free wi-fi browsing, with authentication via Facebook and Google+ profile: more convenient and faster than traditional methods (registration with user / password, enter your password, enter the password correctly!). But this isn’t the only and most important advantage: in fact, for the free Wi-Fi will require to end-user (the customer of the bar, the supplier waiting in reception for a meeting, etc..) “Like” on the Facebook page configured by the service provider. A quid pro quo that will make known to many more people the Facebook business page increasing the interaction and following of Fans.

Bidpremium provides Bluemoz Hotspot also in loan for use, “to avoid investment difficult to manage right now” as stated by Leonardo Zalateu, the administrator of the company.
Speaking about the usefulness and usability of this new marketing tool, Zalateu emphasizes “Our product is not dedicated only to big brands. Give the opportunity to increase their visibility on social network and to take the greatest possible advantage of this by all. That’s why our Bluemoz solution are fully customizable, with just a few steps.