Coupon gallery

Allow instant visualizzation of promotional pictures (JPG format) and/or streaming of audio/video files.

Share coupon

Share the coupons loaded on your Coupon Galler with the Facebook page associated with the device.

Customization with your Brand

Allows to upload your brand directly in the layout of the splash page.


Upload more than one file, for your Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Facebook campaigns.

No Limits Planner

No Limits in planning allowing periodical campaigning.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Statistics

It displays all detected active bluetooth devices, all delivered messages and all refused authorizations to deliver. Display of all detected MAC adresses with identification of model and picture of the cell phone (more than 2000 devices can be recognized); stats in Real Time or Archived.
Graphical visualization of visitors’ number, time of visit.


Setup and costumize the device name that enable devices connect to.


Audio-video converter animated 3gp for Bluetooth transmission.


Video-images spot preview.


Black List Management.

Hotspot Functions

Hotspot functions with costumized Splash Page and Facebook Authentication.
Load custom coupon gallery;
Maximum number of simultaneous users – 50;
Automatic logging out (after 1 hour for single MAC address); speed limit for single user to 700kbps; filtering for web sites and prohibited services (child pornography, emule, torrent etc.);
Set browsing time, bandwidth capabilities;

Bluemoz Cloud

Examples of use

Watch the video!