Business Overview

We provide Intelligent Proximity Marketing Technologies targeting specific retail and service markets. Through a suite of software applications marketed as Bluemoz – we provide an enterprise, web-based or hosted content delivery system that manages schedules and delivers digital content over wireless or wired networks. Additionally, Bluemoz software’s flexibility allows us to broadcast content to Social Networks and Mobile Applications, ensuring a consistent brand representation.

Business Strategy

Our objective is to be the premier provider of Intelligent Proximity Marketing Technologies by leveraging Interactive Displays, Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Marketing, Mobile Applications, and Social Media services to customers in our targeted retail and service markets. To achieve this objective, we intend to pursue the following strategies:

Focus on Vertical Markets.

Our Channel Partners focuses primarily on the following vertical market segments: (1) automotive, (2) food service, and (3) branded retail. Within retail, we focus on branded services with bricks and mortar locations, and “consumer goods manufacturers,” such as brands being carried within a retail environment. To attract and influence customers, all three of these key vertical markets continue to seek new mediums that provide greater flexibility and visual impact in distributing content. We focus on markets in which we believe our solution offers the greatest advantages in functionality, implementation and deployment over traditional media advertising.

Leverage Strategic Relationships.

We seek to develop and leverage relationships with market participants, such as hardware manufacturers, to integrate complementary technologies with our solutions. We believe that such strategic relationships will enable access to emerging new technologies and standards and increase our market presence. Our outreach also includes business development strategic alliances with agencies, hardware, fixturing and signage companies, architects and individuals who can generate additional interest and opportunity in our key vertical markets.

Market and Brand.

Our Products and Services Effectively. Our key marketing objective is to establish Bluemoz as an industry standard. Our marketing initiatives convey the distinguishing and proprietary features of our products, including wireless networking, centralized content management and custom software solutions.

Outsource Operating Functions.

When appropriate we outsource certain support functions such as system installation, fixturing, integration, software development and technical field support. In addition, we purchase from manufacturers such items as stands, mounts, custom enclosures, monitors and computer hardware. We believe that our experience in managing complex outsourcing relationships improves the efficiency of our solutions and allows us to focus on developing software solutions.

Create Custom Solutions.

Although Bluemoz is an “out-of-box” solution, meaning it is designed for an array of standard applications. We also develop custom systems that meet the specific business needs of our customers. As technology continues to evolve, we believe that creating custom solutions for our customers is one of the primary differentiators of our value proposition.

Create Content Solutions.

We continue to expand our strategic planning, creative design and content engineering abilities. Our creative team develops strategies for both internal and external initiatives. We continue to produce award-winning work both for our clients and for our own use.

Develop New Products.

Developing new products and technologies is critical to our success. Increased acceptance of Proximity Marketing will require technological advancements to integrate it with other systems such as inventory control, point-of sale and database applications. In addition, digital media content is becoming richer and we expect customers will continue to demand more advanced requirements for their Proximity Marketing Networks. We intend to listen to our customers, analyze the competitive landscape and continually improve our products.