Marketing Tools and free Downloads

Here you can download the information you need to better understand the solutions of Bluemoz Intelligent Proximity Marketing, and illustrations that will help you ask your customers to activate their Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices.

Sample Illustrations

Bar/Coffee shop
Service station
Shopping Center
Car dealer
Real estate
Retail Outlet


Bluemoz HotSpot – Bluemoz Platinum – Bluemoz Cloud Notice



Technical Information

Bluemoz HotSpot
Bluemoz Platinum
Bluetooth and Mini-site Management



Bluemoz Hotspot
Bluemoz Platinum
IP Manual configuration

Posters, Stickers and other advertising material

If you require personalized advertising material for your campaign, please contact us freely, and we will be happy to meet your needs

A5 Graphic
A6 Graphic


Price List

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Pricelist 2013 Global
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