Can two Wireless router coexist in the same area?

There is no problem of co-existence, since all devices, detecting wireless networks, ask what you would like to use. In this way the user can choose whether to rely on the network “Free Wi-Fi” provided by the Hotspot, or to other networks. Only advice is to let the antennas of a hotspot far from the antennas of another hotspot.

If a customer already has a wireless router, is there any reason to install Bluemoz Hotspot?

Even relying on hardware vendors that provide authentication by entering the phone number, the service that is one way, i.e. there is no return in terms of visibility and promotion. Our system, on the contrary, comply with all the provisions of the law for what concerns the identification of the user, and is also used to promote customer’s business both directly (through coupon gallery, visible without authentication) and on social networks through the positive action of the “like” on facebook page of your business. This will allow you, with a very small investment, exponentially increase the visibility of your business and at the same time provide a service to your customers.

If you refer to a standard wireless router, in that case is not handled even the authentication and LOG navigation, as required by the Italian Law (the access will be managed by password), in which case the advantage is twofold: Return in terms of promotional activities and compliance with the regulations in force.

What should customer prepare for the installation of Bluemoz hotspot?

Il cliente, una volta collegato l’hotspot alla presa di rete ed alla rete elettrica, non deve fare altro che aspettare 2 minuti. L’hotspot è già impostato e pronto per essere utilizzato. Nel caso il cliente non avesse una rete ADSL disponibile, provvederemo a fornire una consulenza per ottimizzare l’eventuale utilizzo di una connessione tramite chiavetta internet, verificando l’effettiva copertura e raffrontando i prezzi dei principali fornitori del servizio. In caso di ADSL senza DHCP attivo e/o con firewall attivo sul traffico in uscita forniremo relative specifiche tecniche.

As the hotspot is connected to the LAN port and to the power supply, customer have only to wait 2 minutes. The hotspot is already set up and ready to be used. If the customer did not have a network connection available, we will provide advice to optimize the use of an internet key, overseeing the effective coverage and comparing the prices of service providers. In the case of ADSL without an active DHCP and/or firewall enabled on outbound traffic, we will provide technical specifications.

How do you turn off the system?

You must pay attention not to turn off the system by unplugging the power cable, as you may lose the data processed by the system and have problems rebooting. The correct way to shut down the system is: go to control panel and select “System Halt”, confirming when prompted that you want to turn off the system. In about a minute you can then unplug the power cable.

Is the range limited?

Yes, the range is limited (up to a maximum of 400 nominal meters regard bluetooth technology and up to a maximum of 250 nominal meters in the case of WiFi technology, in the latter case you can increase the range with repeaters, but under no circumstances can increase the signal if you want to stay within the parameters set by International regulations). Anyway, the name of Proximity marketing refers precisely to the fact that the recipient of the service is in the vicinity of the supplier. In this way those who use the service “sees” who provides it, and are driven to get closer.

When you log in the first time, it appears INSTALL link, can this scare the user?

All Facebook users know that every application requires permission to use certain data from user. Facebook has decided to use the term INSTALL to standardize the reporting to that used by Apple with the APP for iPhone, but on the same screen with this authorization request (only the first time) is also explained to user that no application will be installed.

Privacy issues?

For bluetooth messaging there is no invasion of privacy, since the only data collected is the mac address of the phone’s Bluetooth protocol, which has nothing to do with the phone number and then with sensitive data. There is also a request for authorization to send the file to be accepted by user before sending the file itself (we can provide documentation prepared by a consultant in this regard). For the data gathered via Facebook, privacy policies are underwritten by all users of the social network, so when a user accepts access via Facebook, he accept to share your account information with you (we can provide documentation prepared by a consultant in this regard).

May Bluetooth disturb?

La messaggistica via bluetooth non reca nessun disturbo. Se l’utente ha il bluetooth abilitato il dispositivo richiede l’autorizzazione per inviare il messaggio: in caso di rifiuto, il dispositivo viene inserito in una blacklist temporanea (per tutta la durata della campagna programmata quindi) e quindi non riceverà più la richiesta per il messaggio rifiutato. Nel caso il messaggio venga accettato, l’utente riceverà il messaggio. Non c’è nessuna forma di disturbo (tipo messaggi ripetuti, oppure ricezione forzata del messaggio). Solo chi accetta il messaggio lo riceve.

The messaging via bluetooth does not disturb at all. If user have bluetooth enabled, our device requests permission to send the message: in case of refusal, the device is blacklisted temporary (for the duration of the campaign scheduled) and then will no longer receive the request for the rejected message. If the message is accepted, the user will receive the message. There is no form of disturb (such as repeated messages or forced reception of the message). Only those who accept the message receive it.

Not everyone keep Bluetooth turned on, it can still be interesting?

Accessibility of bluetooth on mobile phones is a user’s choice, but almost always those who are using a headset, or a navigation system, leave the bluetooth on, making it reachable by any message. So many users are reached in this way.
Moreover, we can state that in covered area, the penetration rate of all the people passing go from 2 to 8% (depending on whether there are waiting areas, areas that create queues, road crossings or traffic lights, etc…), this means that in a high traffic area, we will not catch those who have an iPhone or those who are not active and visible the bluetooth, but we can still reach hundreds and hundreds of users.
The Bluetooth technology can always be considered an added value, because all those we reach are people who read the request, and decide to accept it, then focus their attention on what they are to see.

If a user does not have a Facebook account?

In Italy more than a third of the population is on Facebook. If a user access the hotspot but is not yet on facebook, he will have the opportunity to join the social network in a few steps and then use the service.
Perhaps, 75% of users who actually use the Internet have a Facebook account.
Being this hotspot a marketing tool that uses social networks, if a user does not have a facebook account and do not want to have it, is not interesting for the marketing activities of the client.