Everyone, absolutely everyone, from small businesses of remote villages to large international brands, expose in addition to their advertisement (or on the counter near the cash register) the words “follow us on Facebook”, “click LIKE on our Facebook page.” Ok it’s trendy, it’s cool, but when and why should I do that?

WHEN: Today all we have a busy life, family, work, phone calls, Pin Puk, Password, and a thousand other things to do and remember, so at the first opportunity I should go home or use my smartphone or PC, and remember to click “LIKE” on the page of the activity???


 IMPOSSIBLE: not affordable!

But most importantly, why I need to do it?

I visited your shop or I saw the billboard of your brand on the road, and then?

I can spare me this social action, in the sense that if I’m interested I do without your invite, or I can visit your website or social page whenever I want.

A winning strategy is to offer something for a “LIKE”.

An example is BLUEMOZ HOTSPOT offering free internet surfing in exchange for a LIKE on the Facebook page.

The WiFi service in accordance with applicable laws (access allowed users validated by the social network), allows the user to browse internet, after authentication with your Facebook account, and requires a “call to action” with “LIKE” on your Facebook page to unlock the browsing.

This solution based on “win-win” satisfy both parties and allows social marketing action.

Turn your WiFi in a marketing tool, share your promotional coupons, promote and allow the downloading of your App!