The title may seem a paradox: POP marketing, which by its very definition (POP stands for Point Of Purchase) indicates a geo location which becomes mobile meaning that take advantage of the mobile devices. This evolution is possible and it is also very effective since it bound with an important growing trend: the spread of smartphones and tablets.

The POP marketing identifies each communication action done inside a store for condition or increase consumer purchases, driving him towards a product / brand or inducing impulse purchases. Having as goal an immediate conversion to purchase, the POP activities have always played an important role in the marketing mix. This importance is growing for the overexposure of advertising which makes consumers confused by the countless messages from which they bombed.

For this reason, many companies are moving their budgets in favor of innovative strategies, trying to take advantage from digital platforms and new technologies. The POP is not a new channel but it can certainly become innovative, if we not consider it a simple amplification of the advertising through display and posters! taking advantages from the high potentiality of mobile devices and propensity of mind of a customer already on-site, you can create innovative strategies such as effective.

The services developed by BidPremium Srl, a company born in Udine in 2008, around the service Hotspot ( with authentication via social networks, are an example of how to turn a free service offered to its customers in a marketing strategy.

The Bluemoz solution allows to commercial activities to offer its customers free WiFi browsing, simply becoming a fan of the company Facebook page. The WiFi surfing service then allows you to direct the attention of the customer to direct marketing actions, such as prize contests, promotions and incentives or simply targeted information. We give our customers an added value, to loyalize while reducing the cost and time of the communication.